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Having a Party? Let us bring the food!

Since 2015, we have aspired to always deliver a truly unique and memorable experience from start to finish. We believe that catering is more than just food on a plate; it’s about building a relationship with our clients, understanding their personal style, and delivering a complete experience for them and their guests. Turn to us for weddings, graduations, corporate gatherings and a whole lot more! If you need to feed a big group, we got you covered! See all of the services we offer below.

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Food Truck

Since 2015, Alphabetical has been serving the greater 614 area delicious, meals from our kitchen directly to you. Bringing our unique style, and taste to each affair, our founder along with one of the most dynamic teams in the city, quickly gained acclaim for creating the best customer experience on four wheels!

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Private Event @ Budd Dairy

Great for a group

There’s always a good reason to celebrate - or in this case, a great reason! Since the opening of The Budd Dairy Food Hall In 2021, its has become the place to be in the Capital City!

Make sure to RSVP so we create a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests!